Donations to the Library

Remember... Honor... Support...

Choosing to add a book or other material to the library's collection or funding the dedication of a room or an area of the library is a wonderful way to:

  • Remember a family member. Was your loved won a great cook? A sailor or fisher? An avid reader of quality fiction? Someone who loved listening to audiobooks? You can remember special people with books or other materials that matched their interests or with donations that support a plaque for particular collections, rooms, etc.
  • Honor a friend, loved one, workgroup, or company. Many of us seek ways to honor people in constructive ways that support our community. Giving a gift to the library helps everyone and can honor one person, a group, or an area business or corporation.
  • Support our mission. With funding for public libraries diminishing, non-tax community support is needed more than ever. Past generations of givers have generously supported projects as large as new library buildings and as small as individual titles. The library is the community's meeting place, educational facility for all ages, and a source of materials that entertain and enlighten. Support your library and you support your community.

How to donate:

  • Simply write a check payable to Neenah Public Library. You may mail it in (P.O. Box 569, Neenah, WI, 54957-0569) or come in (240 E. Wisconsin Ave., Neenah) to discuss your wishes. Some call ahead and detail their choices and then send a check. Call Library Director Gretchen Raab to discuss donations large and small at 920-886-6300 or email her at Donations to the library are tax deductible; consult your tax professional.


  • Depending on the gift recognition can range from a bookplate "In Memory of" or "In Honor of" to a plaque dedicating a room, area of the library, or particular collection. We will send a copy of the donation receipt letter to anyone you designate so that family or friends know that a donation has been made. There is also a donor wall inside the front entrance area. Director Raab can give you details. More specific information is available here: Trust Fund