BECCA AT SEA by Deirdre Baker

Becca has frequently gone with her parents to visit her Gran at her rustic cabin by the sea.  But this year, Becca's mother is expecting a baby, and Becca is sent to visit her grandmother on her own.  The prospect of spending time at Gran's---with her peculiar plumbing and ridiculous Scrabble rules---is hardly appealing.  Then, on her very first night, Becca finds an oyster full of pearls.  One pearl for every adventure to come?  Becca desperately hopes so, as much as she longs for a friend to share them with.

As her mother's pregnancy progresses, Becca returns to the island again and again.  And through a busy parade of visiting relatives---some welcome, some not----Becca experiences the annual herring run in a sinking dinghy, is kissed by a seal, and scales a cliff.  Becca also sails a boat for the first time and goes skinny dipping in the sea.  And who knew that picking blackberries and making jelly could be such an interesting adventure??!   By the time her parents arrive with the new baby, Becca realizes that adventures, and even friends to share them with, may have been right under her nose the whole time.

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