IGRAINE THE BRAVE by Cornelia Funke

Igraine, who turns twelve tomorrow, dreams of becoming a famous knight.  But today, like most days, life at the family castle is boring.  That is, until the nefarious nephew of the baroness from the neighboring castle shows up!

Greedy Osmund has a dastardly plan to capture Pimpernel Castle and steal the singing magic books that belong to Igraine's parents. Complicating matters, Igraine's parents make a mistake with a magic spell and turn themselves into pigs!

Igraine's birthday wish for some excitement at Pimpernel Castle has come true, but the challenge is bigger than she ever imagined.  Will Igraine be able to overcome these challenges and save the singing magic books?  And will her parents turn themselves back into humans or remain pigs?  And will Igraine's brother, Albert, ever be able to cast magic spells that do not involve blue eggs and dry biscuits?

Read this delightfully illustrated book to find the answers to these questions!  Join us on Sunday, December 9th at 2PM to discuss this entertaining book.  Snacks will be served.