Amen McBee, the youngest of five sisters, gobbles up words the way other children gobble up sweets.  She couldn't be more different from her twin sisters Arabella and Annabella---called the Bellas.  The mischievous Bellas constantly frighten Amen with stories about Mr. Tominski---the old recluse who lives in the woods nearby and mysteriously tends to a flock of doves.  The Bellas insist that Mr. Tominski is a dangerous bogeyman who  eats children whole, but Papa vows that the "keeper of the doves" wouldn't hurt anyone.  When tragedy strikes the family, Amen must decide once and for all who is right.

Short but powerful, The Keeper of the Doves is an unforgettable story written by Newberry Medal winner, Betsy Byars.

Join us on Sunday, May 20th from 2:00 until 3:00 PM to discuss this amazing book.  Snacks will be provided.