LOVE, AUBREY by Susanne LeFleur

A tragic accident has turned 11 year old Aubrey’s world upside down.  Starting a new life all alone, Aubrey has everything she thinks she needs: cereal and Sammy, her new pet fish.  She cannot talk about what happened to her.  Writing letters is the only thing that feels right to Aubrey, even if no one reads them.

With the help of her loving grandmother and new friends, Aubrey learns that she is not alone, and gradually, she finds the words to express feelings that one seemed impossible to describe.  The healing powers of friendship, love, and memory help Aubrey take the first steps toward the future.

Readers will care for Aubrey from page one and will watch her grow until the very end, when she has to make one of the biggest decisions of her life.

Love, Aubrey is devastating, brave, honest, funny, and  hopeful.  No matter how old you are, this book is not to be missed.

Join us on Sunday, October 23rd at 2:00 in afternoon to discuss this wonderful debut novel.  Refreshments will be served.