MOON OVER MANIFEST by Clare Vanderpool

Abilene Tucker arrives in Manifest, Kansas in 1936 at the height of The Great Depression.  Her mother has died, and her father, Gideon Tucker, grew up in Manifest.  When he gets a job in another part of the country, he sends Abilene to Manifest to stay with his old friend, Shady Howard. Abilene soon explores the town and gets to know the people of Manifest.  She also finds a box of treasures under the floor boards of her bedroom.  Abilene sets out to find out who they belonged to.  Were they her father's from his childhood?  And if so, where and how did he get them?  Abilene sets out to find the answers, and along the way, she finds out the story of her father's life in Manifest.  Abilene also tries to unravel the mystery of a treasure map and a spy known as "The Rattler."  Will she find the answers?

Join us on Thursday, October 24th at 6:30 in evening to discuss Abilene's adventures and enjoy some snacks.