R MY NAME IS RACHEL by Patricia Reilly Giff

It's 1933, and twelve-year-old Rachel's family doesn't have two nickels to rub together.

Rachel lives in the city with Pop and her younger brother and sister, Joey and Cassie.  Rachel's mother died long ago, but the family has a special friend in Miss Mitzi at the flower shop, and they know everyone on their block.

Pop needs a job.  His search for work lands the family on a farm upstate, in North Lake.  But times are hard there too---the school and library are closed.  Bad news indeed for Rachel, who loves books and learning.  Their isolated farm house is falling apart.  Still, Rachel grows to love the farm.

Miss Mitzi and Rachel write to each other constantly, exchanging letters that sustain Rachel as the three city kids adjust to life in the country.  When Pop's job takes him away from home for a while, Rachel is determined that she and Joey and Cassie will do just fine on the farm.

In this heartfelt novel, beloved author Patricia Reilly Giff brings the endearing Rachel, her family, and their days during the Great Depression to vivid life for today's readers.

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