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Meet the Moffats.  There is Sylvie, the oldest, the cleverest, and---most days at least---the responsible one; Joey, who though only twelve is the man of the house...sometimes; Janey, who has a terrific upside-down way of looking at the world; And Rufus, who may be the littlest but always gets in the biggest trouble.

Even the most ordinary Moffat day is packed with extraordinary fun.  Only a Moffat could get locked in a bread box all afternoon, or dance with a dog in front of the entire town, or hitch a ride on a boxcar during kindergarten recess.  And only a Moffat could turn mistakes and mischief into hilarious one-of-a-kind adventure.

Join the fun on Tuesday, August 27th at 6:30 to discuss the Moffats adventures and have some snacks.

Register via email at or call 886-6335.  Stop at the youth desk to pick up a copy of the book.

Posted by: Jahnke
on August 02, 2013

It is wartime and Carrie and Nick Willow are sent from London to Wales to protect them from the blitz. While in Wales, they live with "Auntie Lou" and her very strict brother, Mr. Evans.  Their friend Albert is luckier, living in Druid's Bottom with Hepzibah Green and the strange Mister Johnny.  Gradually they begin to settle into their new surroundings, but then Carrie does the worst thing she ever did in her life...

Join us on Tuesday, July 30th at 6:30 when we will discuss this heartwarming and unforgettable story.  Snacks will be served.

Posted by: Jahnke
on July 01, 2013

Becca has frequently gone with her parents to visit her Gran at her rustic cabin by the sea.  But this year, Becca's mother is expecting a baby, and Becca is sent to visit her grandmother on her own.  The prospect of spending time at Gran's---with her peculiar plumbing and ridiculous Scrabble rules---is hardly appealing.  Then, on her very first night, Becca finds an oyster full of pearls.  One pearl for every adventure to come?  Becca desperately hopes so, as much as she longs for a friend to share them with.

As her mother's pregnancy progresses, Becca returns to the island again and again.  And through a busy parade of visiting relatives---some welcome, some not----Becca experiences the annual herring run in a sinking dinghy, is kissed by a seal, and scales a cliff.  Becca also sails a boat for the first time and goes skinny dipping in the sea.  And who knew that picking blackberries and making jelly could be such an interesting adventure??!   By the time her parents arrive with the new baby, Becca realizes that adventures, and even friends to share them with, may have been right under her nose the whole time.

Join the fun on Tuesday, June 25th at 6:30 in evening to discuss Becca's adventures and enjoy some snacks.  To register, call 920-886-6335 or email the youth desk at  Stop at the youth desk to pick up your book.

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on May 21, 2013

The four Melendy children live with their father and Cuffy, their beloved housekeeper, in a worn, but comfortable, brownstone in New York City.  There is thirteen-year-old Mona, who has decided to become an actress; twelve-year-old mischievous Rush; ten-year-old Randy (Miranda), who loves to dance and paint; and thoughtful Oliver, who is just six.  Tired of wasting Saturdays doing nothing but wishing for larger allowances, the four Melendys jump at Randy's idea to start the Independent Saturday Afternoon Adventure Club, also known as I.S.A.A.C.  If they pool their allowances and take turns spending the entire amount, they can each have at least one memorable Saturday afternoon of their own.  Before long, I.S.A.A.C. is in operation and every Saturday is definitely one to remember.  The Saturdays is the first book in the delightful Melendy Quartet.

Join the fun on Sunday, May 5th at 2 PM when we discuss this entertaining book and enjoy some snacks.

Posted by: Jahnke
on April 09, 2013

Lucy is an aspiring basketball star and interior designer, and she is certain that she is on the verge of having the best year of her life.  She is ready to rule the school as a sixth grader, try out for captain of the the sixth-grade basketball team, and take over the bedroom she has always shared with her older sister, Regina.

Lucy's plans are shattered though, when she learns that Yi Po, her grandmother's sister, is coming to visit from China---for a few months!  And she will be staying in Lucy's room!  Lucy's vision of a perfect year rapidly begins to crumble as her parents force her to attend Chinese School with the annoying know-it-all, Talent Chang, and she faces the snobby bully, Sloane Connors, who wants to scare Lucy off the sixth-grade basketball team.  Lucy's year is ruined----or is it?


Join us on Sunday, April 7th at 2:00 PM to discuss this delightful debut novel.  Snacks will be served.

Posted by: Jahnke
on March 12, 2013


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