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Ruby Lavender used to have a fun life, until her Yoo-Hoo-drinking, pink muumuu-wearing, best friend of a grandmother up and left for Hawaii to spend the summer with her new (smelly) grandbaby.  Now Ruby is stuck in boring old Halleluia, Mississippi, reading to her chickens, sweeping the floors at the general store (torture), and being tormented by the curly-haired, tip-tapping Melba Jane.

In letter after letter, nine-year old Ruby pours out her heart to her grandmother.  But there is one thing Ruby cannot tell even her----the very same thing that makes Ruby take the long way home every single time and that makes her dislike Melba Jane more than anyone.

Ruby is resourceful.  She is feisty.  She's in for some big surprises.  Ruby Lavender is a character that readers remember for a long time.

Join us on Sunday, January 29th at 2:00 to discuss this delightful book.  Refreshments will be served.

Posted by: Jahnke
on December 16, 2011


It's the summer of 1939.  Two Jewish  sisters from Vienna---twelve-year-old Stephie Steiner and seven-year-old Nellie---are sent to Sweden to escape the Nazis.  They expect to stay there six months, until their parents can flee to Amsterdam; then all four will go to America.  But as the world war intensifies, the girls remain, each with her own host family, on a rugged island off the western coast of Sweden.

Nellie quickly settles into her new surroundings.  Not so for Stephie, who finds it hard to adapt; she feels stranded at the end of the world.  It's no wonder she doesn't let on that the most popular girl at school has become her bitter enemy, or that she endures wounding slights from certain villagers.  Her main worry, though, is her parents---and whether she will ever see them again.

Join us on Sunday, December 11th at 2:00 to discuss this engaging historical novel---the first in a quartet.  Refreshments will be served.

Posted by: Jahnke
on November 25, 2011

It isn′t easy being a pioneer in the state of Washington in 1899, but it′s particularly hard when you are the only girl ever born in the new settlement. With seven older brothers and a love of adventure, May Amelia Jackson just can′t seem to abide her family′s insistence that she behave like a Proper Young Lady. She′s sure she could do better if only there were at least one other girl living along the banks of the Nasel River. And now that Mama′s going to have a baby, maybe there′s hope.

Join us on Sunday, November 20th at 2:00 in the afternoon to discuss this excellent book.  Refreshments will be served.

Posted by: Moore-Nokes
on November 06, 2011

A tragic accident has turned 11 year old Aubrey’s world upside down.  Starting a new life all alone, Aubrey has everything she thinks she needs: cereal and Sammy, her new pet fish.  She cannot talk about what happened to her.  Writing letters is the only thing that feels right to Aubrey, even if no one reads them.

With the help of her loving grandmother and new friends, Aubrey learns that she is not alone, and gradually, she finds the words to express feelings that one seemed impossible to describe.  The healing powers of friendship, love, and memory help Aubrey take the first steps toward the future.

Readers will care for Aubrey from page one and will watch her grow until the very end, when she has to make one of the biggest decisions of her life.

Love, Aubrey is devastating, brave, honest, funny, and  hopeful.  No matter how old you are, this book is not to be missed.

Join us on Sunday, October 23rd at 2:00 in afternoon to discuss this wonderful debut novel.  Refreshments will be served.

Posted by: Jahnke
on September 27, 2011

In the Libyan city of Ghadames, Malika watches her merchant father depart on one of his caravan expeditions.  Malika too yearns to travel to distant cities, and she longs to learn to read like her younger brother.  But nearly twelve years old and soon to be of marriageable age, Malika—-like all Muslim women—-must be  content with a more secluded, more limited life.  Then one night a stranger enters her home….someone who disrupts the order of things, and who affects Malika in unexpected ways.

Join us on Sunday, September 25th at 2:00 to discuss this interesting story.  Refreshments will be served.

Posted by: Jahnke
on September 16, 2011


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