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Topaz by Billy Wieler

Drake Peterson was always lonely. His school actually let students bring small pocket size pets. He was one of the few kids that didn’t have one. He was determined to make his mom see he deserved a pet. He did as many chores as he could. He took out the trash, did the dishes, vacuumed, and many other chores. When he was about to give up, his mom finally said yes. He was as happy as he could be.

Matilda Bone by Karen Cushman

In this novel, Newbery medalist Karen Cushman assembles a cast of unforgettable characters in a fascinating and pungent setting: the medical quarter of a medieval English village. To Blood and Bone Alley, home of leech, barber-surgeon, and apothecary, comes Matilda, raised by a priest to be pious and learned, and now destined to assist Red Peg the Bonesetter.


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