Soda Pups

The "Soda Pups" show has been entertaining and educating children of all ages for the past 12 years. Jack does a great job keeping the children's attention and involving them in the dog show. Every year he does something in the act to fit with the summer reading program.

The show includes agility, dog tricks, obedience, and audience participation. Each dog, cleverly named after a soft drink—Ginger Ale, Sierra Mist, Squirt, Dr. Pepper, and RB (Root Beer)—performs their own tricks. Each shows off their talents and abilities. Sierra Mist rides a remote-controlled Hummer, much to the enjoyment and riotous laughter of the audience. From there the show includes a variety of demonstrations of basic and fascinating obedience and agility skills. Obedience is exemplified by the "Famous Green Bay Packer Trick." Jack lines up the dogs, lays down a treat for each, encourages each one to come and get the treat with a variety of enticing verbal commands, but to no avail. No dog makes a move until the infamous words "Okay Packers."

Jack, an entertainer himself, creates a show that is both fun and informative.

The structured show lasts approximately 45 minutes, and after the show the children may pet the dogs.

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Shattuck Community Room
<p>Youth Services</p><p>920-886-6335</p><p></p>
Date of Event: 
Tuesday, June 12, 2012 - 1:30pm