Embracing Wellness

Introducing our new series... EMBRACING WELLNESS, a series on living naturally well, whole, & balanced. Embracing Wellness is held in the Shattuck Community Room on the first floor at 6:30pm. Free & open to the public. No registration necessary.

January 20th 
Vision Boards
Unleash your imagination and unveil your inner desires as you create a vision of the year ahead. Allow the unimaginable to come forth in this creative exercise. Vision boards allow us to imagine, dream and create. Anyone can find enjoyment and success in this playful and fun experience.

February 3rd
Essential Oils
Essential Oils –Discover your best healthy self!  Are you looking for ways to provide ongoing wellness for your home, health and family? Essential oils were man’s first medicine. In this session you will learn the natural healing and restorative benefits of pure essential oils and essential oil products to:
• Increase mental and physical energy
• Reduce stress and promote a more restful sleep
• Assist in relief of aches, pains and discomfort
• Aid digestion
• Boost immunity and avoid colds and flu’s, etc.
• Reduce exposures to chemicals, toxins & pathogens

No matter your current health condition, improved, even optimum health is more attainable than you think. Essential oils create an environment where you reach your maximum potential; are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and tissues providing potency 100 to 10,000x more concentrated than herbs.

February 17th
Meditation and Mindfulness
Schedules that stress our brains and overwhelm our lives, continually multitasking and busying our lives with digital stimulation and information overload appear to be the new normal. Finding time to pause amidst this chaos has become an urgent need for our overall health and wellbeing.
How often do you connect with your good-humored, warm-hearted, and savvy self? Reconnecting through mindful practices is not only a gift to you, but a gift to those you love and work alongside.
Participating in this session you will learn small positive actions that are easy to incorporate in every day living. These practices will add up to large life changes over time.

March 3rd
Massage and Cranial-Sacral
Discover what traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is, how it works, and why therapeutic bodywork is a crucial component to overall wellbeing from a TCM perspective and  how effective it is in treating many conditions. Courtney Cowie and Bobbi de Plain will present.

March 17th
Yoga and Body in Motion
Does yoga intrigue you? Are you interested in reaping the many benefits yoga has to offer? You will be learn how yoga and movement are a way to promote wellness of body, mind and soul.  In this class you will practice techniques to increase flexibility, relieve stress, build strength & create a sense of balance and well-being in your body and in your life.  This class is ideal for the complete beginners or a practicing yogi wanting a refresher on the basics and to learn more. Deb Sommerhalder will be your instructor. Recommended to bring a yoga mat or towel.

April 7th
Introducing Feng Shui
Have you ever noticed how some homes make you feel energized and uplifted while others cause you to feel anxious or exhausted? You have experienced the ch’i (energy) of the home – and working with this energy is the essence of what Feng Shui is all about. Feng Shui is an ancient art that seeks to bring balance and harmony to your environment. Sure, it’s about the placement of your belongings, but it’s also about color and shape, form and flow, and so much more! We will be talking about the basics: What is Feng Shui and how do I apply it to my home or work space? We’ll discuss how our environment, and what we hold in it, affects us in various aspects of life. Kate Trnka will present.

This program was made possible by the Friends of the Neenah Library and the Neenah Public Library Trust Fund. Donations to the Friends and the Trust Fund are always accepted and appreciated.

Questions: contact Nicole Hardina-Wilhelm via email hardina-wilhelm@neenahlibrary.org or by phone 920-886-6315