Boys, Grades 3-4

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Mr. Popper's Penguins
by Richard and Florence Atwater
The unexpected delivery of a large crate containing an Antarctic penguin changes the life and fortunes of Mr. Popper, a house painter.
Jack Plank Tells Tales
by Natalie Babbitt
Jack Plank started out to be a pirate, but he wasn't much good at plundering. So, what to do?

Sir Gadabout
Martyn Beardsley

Sir Gadabout is a walking disaster—voted the "knight most likely to chop his own foot off in a fight" and in need of having his ear rearranged after facing the brave Sir Lancelot in a joust. Traveling with his loyal squire Herbert, Sir Gads visits the wizard Merlin to have his ear mended, only to barely survive an attack from the wizard's crazed guard turtle. But when Queen Guinevere is kidnapped, Sir Gads sets out to save the day and seal his reputation as a hero.

The World According to Humphrey
by Betty G. Birney

You can learn a lot about life by observing another species. That's whatHumphrey was told when he was first brought to Room 26. And boy, is it true! In addition to his classroom escapades, each weekend this amazing hamster gets to sleep over with a different student, like Lower-Your-Voice-A.J. and Speak-Up-Sayeh. Soon Humphrey learns to read, write, and even shoot rubber bands (only in self-defense, of course). Humphrey has friends, adventures, and a cage with a lock-thatdoesn't- lock. His life would be perfect, if only the teacher, Mrs. Brisbane, wasn't out to get him!

Friendship According to Humphrey
Surprises According to Humphrey
Trouble According to Humphrey
Adventure According to Humphrey
Summer According to Humphrey
School Days According to Humphrey
Mysteries According to Humphrey

The Children of Green Knowe
by L.M. Boston

Tolly comes to live with his great-grandmother at the ancient house of Green Knowe and becomes friends with three children who lived there in the seventeenth century.

The Treasure of Green Knowe
by L.M. Boston

A young boy listens to his great-grandmother's tales of Green Knowe as it used to be and, gradually, as past and present blend, he shares the strange adventures of the former inhabitants.

The River at Green Knowe
by L.M. Boston

An English girl, a Polish refugee, and a displaced boy from the Orient explore an island-strewn river flowing past the ancient manor house of Green Knowe.

A Stranger at Green Knowe
by L.M. Boston

A strange friendship develops between a young Chinese refugee who is spending the summer at Green Knowe and a gorilla who has escaped from the London Zoo.

An Enemy at Green Knowe
by L.M. Boston

The inhabitants of Green Knowe become involved with black magic when a modern-day witch attempts to find books of witchcraft supposedly hidden in the old house by a mad seventeenth-century alchemist.

The Stones of Green Knowe
by L.M. Boston

While eagerly following each stage of the new stone manor house his father is building to replace their old wooden Saxon hall, a young boy, part Saxon and part Norman, becomes involved with ancient magic that carries him through time.

Stanley, Flat Again
by Jeff Brown

Is Stanley flat again!?

Stanley Lambchop has had his share of unusual adventures. But being flat was one thing he thought he was through with forever. Then one morning, he discovers he was wrong. Still, there is so much that a boy who is only one inch thick can do that a round person can’t. Maybe this time, all it will take is one amazing event for everything to finally make sense.

After Stanley Lambchop goes flat once again, he uses his flatness to help win a sailboat race and to rescue a classmate from a collapsed building.

by Betsy Byars

As they wait out a tornado in their storm cellar, a family listens to their farmhand tell stories about the dog that was blown into his life by another tornado when he was a boy.

by Janell Cannon

Artistic flair and the spirit of cooperation save the day!

Crickwing never set out to be a bully. All he wants is to create his art in peace. But it's not easy being different--a cockroach with a cricked wing and a flair for sculpture is a ready target for the bigger creatures in the forest. Crickwing just wants to even the score, and leafcutter ants are so easy to pick on. ...

Big mistake. Nobody angers the leafcutter queen and gets away with it.

In this epic adventure beneath the foliage, Crickwing and the leafcutter ants go head-to-head. Then a swarm of ferocious army ants threatens, and suddenly everyone is in danger. Crickwing has to do something, but what? He's an artist, not a fighter. What the leafcutters need is a hero. Or, maybe, a cockroach with a really clever idea...

Henry and Ribsy
by Beverly Cleary

At last, Henry Huggins's father has promised to take him fishing, on one condition. Henry's dog, Ribsy, has been in all sorts of trouble lately, from running off with the neighbor's barbecue roast to stealing a policeman's lunch. To go on the fishing trip, Henry must keep Ribsy out of trouble — no chasing cats, no digging up lawns...and no getting anywhere near little Ramona Quimby, the pest of Klickitat Street.

Henry strikes an almost no-win deal with his father--keep Ribsy out of trouble for one month in order to go salmon fishing. What can one boy do with a dog who steals the policeman's lunch and an ice cream cone from Beezus's little sister, Ramona?

Just William
by Richmal Crompton
William is an adventurous 11-year-old boy who is eternally scruffy and always in trouble. William and his buddies, the Outlaws, play football and cricket, meet in the old barn and perform their own plays.

More William
by Richmal Crompton

The second book in the classic Just William series, read by Martin Jarvis. These hilarious stories follow twelve months in the life of the terror of the Brown family, starting on Christmas Day - when the centipede appears on Aunt Evangeline's plate, the library clock is found mysteriously dismantled and the conjuring trick with the egg goes disastrously wrong. Mayhem and misadventure go on to follow William for the rest of the year, as he leaves a trail of havoc behind him - with the very best of intentions.

William at War
by Richmal Crompton

A selection of ten stories about the irrepressible William, taken from the books written between 1938 and 1945 - "William the Dictator", "William and A.R.P.", "William and the Evacuees", "William Does His Bit", "William Carries On" and "William and the Brains Trust".

James and the Giant Peach
by Roald Dahl

A young boy escapes from two wicked aunts and embarks on a series of adventures with six giant insects he meets inside a giant peach.

Fantastic Mr. Fox
by Roald Dahl

Someone's been stealing from the three meanest farmers around, and they know the identity of the thief--it's Fantastic Mr. Fox! Working alone they could never catch him, but now Boggis, Bunce, and Bean have joined forces, and they've concocted a cunning plan to dig him out of his hole once and for all. What they don't know is they're not dealing with just any fox. Mr. Fox would rather die than surrender, and he just happens to have a fantastic plan of his own . . .

Three farmers, each one meaner than the other, try all-out warfare to get rid of the fox and his family.

The Twits
by Roald Dahl

Mr. and Mrs. Twit hate everything, including their trained monkeys, the Muggle-Wumps, who now want revenge.

The misadventures of two terrible old people who enjoy playing nasty tricks and are finally outwitted by a family of monkeys.

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
by Kate DiCamillo

"Someone will come for you, but first you must open your heart. . . ."

Once, in a house on Egypt Street, there lived a china rabbit named Edward Tulane. The rabbit was very pleased with himself, and for good reason: he was owned by a girl named Abilene, who treated him with the utmost care and adored him completely.

And then, one day, he was lost.

Kate DiCamillo takes us on an extraordinary journey, from the depths of the ocean to the net of a fisherman, from the top of a garbage heap to the fireside of a hoboes' camp, from the bedside of an ailing child to the bustling streets of Memphis. And along the way, we are shown a true miracle — that even a heart of the most breakable kind can learn to love, to lose, and to love again.

Notso Hotso
by Ann Fine

Anthony, a neglected pet dog, develops an irritating skin condition and has most of his hair shaved off, which embarrasses him greatly until he realizes he now looks like a lion and can frighten other animals and people.

Wonder Goal
by Michael Foreman

A boy describes what it feels like to score a goal that makes his soccer teammates stop teasing him.

Owen & Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship
by Isabella Hatkoff

The inspiring true story of two great friends, a baby hippo named Owen and a 130-yr-old giant tortoise named Mzee (Mm-ZAY). When Owen was stranded after the Dec 2004 tsunami, villagers in Kenya worked tirelessly to rescue him. Then, to everyone's amazement, the orphan hippo and the elderly tortoise adopted each other. Now they are inseparable, swimming, eating, and playing together. Adorable photos e-mailed from friend to friend quickly made them worldwide celebrities. Here is a joyous reminder that in times of trouble, friendship is stronger than the differences that too often pull us apart

Owen & Mzee: The Language of Friendship
by Isabella Hatkoff

The in-demand follow-up to the New York Times bestseller, OWEN & MZEE, the friendship that has touched millions around the world.

In this exciting follow-up to OWEN & MZEE, the New York Times bestselling story about an orphaned baby hippo named Owen and the 130-year-old giant turtle, Mzee, Craig Hatkoff explores the language of love, friendship, and nurturance that these two incredible creatures share with one another. This book traces their first year together, including their adorable playful ways and the unique "language" that they have developed.

Max Malone Makes a Million
by Charlotte Herman

Max Malone, along with his best friend Gordy, is continually frustrated in his attempts to get rich, while his neighbor, little Austin Healy, makes money at every turn.

Max Malone Superstar
by Charlotte Herman

When Max Malone decides to audition for a Peppy Peanut Butter commercial, he is not prepared for all of the hard work and rigorous preparation that accompany a serious acting debut. By the author of Max Malone Makes a Million.

Max Malone the Magnificent
by Charlotte Herman

After seeing the "Amazing Butoni" perform at the local library, Max knows he wants to become a magician. He realizes he needs a lot of practice when the egg trick he tries ends up all over his sister's face. Max is then hired to perform in front of an audience full of strangers. Does it go as he expects? Max learns that things don't always come out the way you planned.

by Valerie Hobbs
The sheep closed in around him like a big, woolly blanket. The puppy had never been so scared or so excited in his life. Soon he was racing, feinting, dodging and learning what it means to be one of the proud breed of Border collies, the finest sheepherders in the world. Then, almost overnight, his life is turned upside down. He finds himself in a series of strange places, with no sheep, his family gone. With nothing but the courage he was born with and a dream, he searches for the life he once knew, gathering names and adventures as he goes. For a short time, he’s called Blackie. To the Goat Man, he’s Shep. To Hollerin, he’s Spot. There’s one name that threatens to forever haunt him: Sparky, the name Billy the circus man calls him when he reaches for the whip. But there’s another name that he is given, one that finally makes him feel at home . . .

Sky Boys: How They Built the Empire State Building
by Deborah Hopkins & James E. Ransome

The acclaimed team that brought readers the IRA Children’s Book Award—winning Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt is back with a riveting brick-by-brick account of how one of the most amazing accomplishments in American architecture came to be. It’s 1930 and times are tough for Pop and his son. But look! On the corner of 34th Street and 5th Avenue, a building straight and simple as a pencil is being built in record time. Hundreds of men are leveling, shoveling, hauling. They’re hoisting 60,000 tons of steal, stacking 10 million bricks, eating lunch in the clouds. And when they cut ribbon and the crowds rush in, the boy and his father will be among the first to zoom up to the top of the tallest building in the world and see all of Manhattan spread at their feet.

In 1931, a boy and his father watch as the world's tallest building, the Empire State Building, is constructed, step-by-step, near their Manhattan home.

Young Cowboy
by Will James

Having gotten his first horse, Big-Enough, for his fourth birthday, Billy spends the next several years working hard to become a good, all-around cowboy on his father's ranch.

The Top of the World: Climbing Mount Everest
by Steve Jenkins

In this stunning picture book, Steve Jenkins takes us to Mount Everest - exploring its history, geography, climate, and culture. This unique book takes readers on the ultimate adventure of climbing the great mountain. Travel along and learn what to pack for such a trek and the hardships one may suffer on the way to the top. Avalanches, frostbite, frigid temperatures, wind, and limited oxygen are just a few of the dangers that make scaling this peak one of the most extreme physical challenges one can experience. To stand on the top of Mount Everest is to stand on top of the world. With informative text and exquisitely detailed cut paper illustrations, Steve Jenkins brings this extreme journey alive for young adventurers.

Babe the Gallant Pig
by Dick King-Smith

A piglet comes to Farmer Hogget's farm, where he is adopted by an old sheepdog and accomplishes amazing things.

Mr. Potter's Pet
by Dick King-Smith

When shy Mr. Potter shops for a pet, he ends up with Everest, a feisty mynah bird with a mind and voice of his own. Everest slowly takes charge of Mr. Potter's life, and even succeeds in reuniting Mr. Potter with his one true love.

Mr. Potter's boring life changes considerably after buying an unusual mynah bird.

The Water Horse
by Dick King-Smith

In 1930, on the coast of Scotland, eight-year-old Kirstie finds a large egg which hatches into an unusual sea creature, and as he grows her family must decide what to do with him.

Understanding Buddy
by Marc Kornblatt

Stink: the Incredible Shrinking Kid
by Megan McDonald

Every morning Stink makes Judy measure him and it's always the same: three feet, eight inches tall. Stink feels like even the class newt is growing faster than he is. Then, one day, the ruler reads -can it be?- three feet, seven and three quarters inches! Is Stink shrinking?

Stink & the Incredible Super-Galactic Jawbreaker
by Megan McDonald

When Stink buys a huge jawbreaker that doesn’t break his jaw, he writes to the manufacturer — and receives 21,280 jawbreakers for his trouble! Soon he’s so obsessed with getting free stuff that he misses an envelope in the mail pile, until his best friend starts looking as mad as a hornet. Thirty-six idioms are sprinkled through the story, inspiring a search that’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Stink and  the World's Worst Super-Stinky Sneakers
by Megan McDonald

When Stink Moody’s second-grade class goes on a field trip to the Gross-Me-Out exhibit at the science museum, he learns that his very own nose has amazing sniffing abilities — and that some people have real jobs sniffing stuff for NASA! Soon Stink is engrossed in toilet water, corpse flowers, and all things smelly. But is his fetid footwear foul enough to win a Golden Clothespin Award? Loyal fans will be holding their breath for Stink’s latest outrageous solo adventure.

Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express
by Megan McDonald

When three guinea pigs from the local pet shop make a great escape, Stink Moody and his friends Webster and Sophie spring into action. Ta-da! The Fantastic Fur Friends round up the little hairballs and bring them safely back to Mrs. Birdwistle’s shop, where they discover — oohla- la! — guinea pig pandemonium! Time for the Great Guinea Pig Giveaway! Stink and company hit the road aboard the Squeals on Wheels Express in a crazy quest to fi nd good homes for 101 squealing, whistling, chirping, wiggly piggies. FUR-eaky!

Stink: Solar System Superhero
by Megan McDonald

Save the planet . . . Pluto! Stink Moody, wise-cracking champion of everything small, is on a new mission: to reinstate his favorite celestial orb.

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a falling leaf ?
A speck of dust? A speeding mosquito?
No, it’s Stink Moody, Solar System Superhero!

When Stink learns that Pluto has flunked out of the Milky Way for being too shrimpy, he feels like he might just explode with a Big Bang. Stink has no choice but to take a stand for the sake of little planets (and little people) everywhere. Will he be smart enough to defeat a panel of big-shot scientists? Will he be strong enough to beat know-it-all Riley Rottenberger and her "Team KPB"? Will he succeed in rescuing Pluto from a fate worse than being swallowed by a black hole? Start the countdown for a funny (and very informative) out-of-this-world adventure—and prepare to have your universe rocked!


Stink and the Ultimate Thumb-Wrestling Smackdown
by Megan McDonald

Stink needs a sport, fast! Can his alter-ego, Shark Hammersmash, wrestle a win at thumb wars? Or will a perfect karate kick lead him to victory?

Stink Moody, family brain, brings home a report card that isn’t perfect? Yikes! Time for him to get into fighting shape and beat back that U for Unsatisfactory in gym! A scan of the sports channel leads to a knock-out find: world-class thumb wrestling, with tricky moves like Snake in the Grass and Santa’s Little Helper (no equipment needed, save for a tiny terrifying mask to sit on your thumb). But when Mom and Dad are not wowed, Stink gets another idea: he’ll kick and punch his way to a yellow belt with the help of a Dragon Master, a seeing-eye Moose, and a mind as still as a pond. Can you say Crouching Tiger, Hidden Thumb? Hee-ya! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Stink and the Midnight Zombie Walk
by Megan McDonald

Reading is UNdead - and everyone has zombies on the brain - as Stink's school and a local bookstore cook up a frightfully fun Main Street event.

Guts! Brains! Eyeballs! There's only one week before the new book in the Nightmare on Zombie Street series comes out. Of corpse Stink will be first in line at the Blue Frog Bookstore to buy his copy and join the town's Midnight Zombie Walk! Until then, Stink and his friends keep busy making ketchup-stained zombie costumes, trying to raise money to buy the book, and racking up points for Virginia Dare School's race to one million minutes of reading. But with all that talk about the undead, Zink
- that is, Stink - starts to wonder: is he being hunted by zombies? He does have a very delicious - er, superb - brain, after all. Readers will just have to open ze book and zee! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

Baseball Saved Us
by Ken Mochizuki

A Japanese American boy learns to play baseball when he and his family are forced to live in an internment camp during World War II, and his ability to play helps him after the war is over.

Mokie & Bik
by Wendy Orr

For two rambunctious twins, living on a boat means always being underfoot or overboard.

Mokie & Bik Go to Sea
by Wendy Orr

With their father home from the sea, the rambunctious twins Mokie and Bik make the Bullfrog shipshape for a voyage out to sea, where they make friends with a scaredy-seal, save a runaway boat, and keep track of Waggles.

The Kite Fighters
by Linda Sue Park

In Korea in 1473, eleven-year-old Young-sup overcomes his rivalry with his older brother Kee-sup, who as the first-born son receives special treatment from their father, and combines his kite-flying skill with Kee-sup's kite-making skill in an attempt to win the New Year kite-fighting competition.

The Winner's Walk
by Nancy Ruth Patterson

Surrounded by a multitalented family, nine-year-old Case Callahan feels driven to succeed, but his failed attempts at various competitions discourage him until he finds a stray dog with a surprising past.

The First and Final Voyage: The Sinking of the Titanic
by Stephanie Peters

On April 10, 1912, fourteen year old Christopher Watkins boards the Titanic with his family. While sailing across the Atlantic, the giant ship strikes an iceberg and begins to sink! Christopher must quickly find a way to save his family.

by Howard Pyle

A brave young man who has been raised by a bear with unusual powers rescues a princess from a menacing dragon and fulfills a long-ago prophecy that he would marry the king's daughter.

The Thumb in the Box
by Ken Roberts

Leon and his friend Susan live in New Auckland, an isolated village on the northwest coast of British Columbia. One day, the village receives an unexpected gift from the government — a fire truck. The problem is that mountains surround the village. There are no roads, no cars, and no fire hydrants. The man who comes to build the fire station brings with him a practical joke that scares the wits out of Leon and Susan — a real live wiggling thumb. It’s a toss-up as to which object will leave a bigger impact on the villagers — the first vehicle they’ve ever seen or the bizarre appendage.


Thumb on a Diamond
by Ken Roberts

The kids from New Auckland are dying to see something outside of their little villiage. Then, Thumb come up with a plan to form a baseball team so the kids can go to the big tournament in Vancouver, but there are a few problems with their plan. There is no grass in New Auckland, no baseball diamond and no place large enough to put one. Also, none of the kids have ever played baseball before.

The Little Prince
by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

An aviator whose plane is forced down in the Sahara Desert encounters a little prince from a small planet who relates his adventures in seeking the secret of what is important in life.

Fleabiscuit Sings!
by Marlena Fanta Shyer

A down-on-their luck New York City family thinks they can make some money when they discover that their neighbor's dog can sing harmony in the family's subway singing act.

Encyclopedia Brown Cracks the Case
by Donald J. Sobol

Ten brief cases allow the reader to match wits with ten-year-old crime-buster, Encyclopedia Brown, as he locates stolen jewels, retrieves a stuffed tiger, and more. Solutions are included at the back of the book.
The case of the forgetful jewel thief -- The case of the autographed Alice in Wonderland -- The case of the lemonade stand -- The case of the Revolutionary treasures -- The case of the missing butterfly brooch -- The case of the counterfeit dough -- The case of the astronaut duck -- The case of the lucky catch -- The case of the missing carpenter's apron -- The case of the stolen Confederate stamps.

Wishworks, Inc.
by Stephanie Tolan

When he is granted his wish for a dog from Wishworks, Inc., third-grader Max is disappointed to find that his new pet is nothing like the dog of his imagination.

Sheep and Goat
by Marleen Westera

Follows the daily activities of Sheep and Goat who, despite often being grouchy or grumpy, are always there for one another when it counts.