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What's New in Children's - August 17, 2016

Chase's space case
By: by Kristen L. Depken ; illustrated by MJ Illustrat
Meet Tracker!
By: by Geof Smith ; illustrated by Jason Fruchter



All-star pups!
By: adapted by Mary Tillworth ; illustrated by Fabrizi
Hello, my name is Octicorn
By: created by Kevin Diller & Justin Lowe ; additional
Howl for Halloween
By: based on the teleplay "the pups and the ghost pira
Marshall to the rescue!
By: based on the episode "Pup pup goose" by Ursula Zie
By: Aaron Becker
By: Aaron Becker
By: word and pictures by Mary Sullivan
What do you do with a problem?
By: written by Kobi Yamada ; illustrated by Mae Besom
Worm loves Worm
By: J.J. Austrian, Mike Curato


Bling It On!
By: Jill Santopolo
Gemma and the ultimate standoff
By: Shana Muldoon Zappa and Ahmet Zappa with Zelda Ros
True colors
By: Jill Santopolo


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