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What's New in Children's - June 9, 2016

Big red barn
By: Margaret Wise Brown ; pictures by Felicia Bond
Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?
By: by Bill Martin, Jr. ; pictures by Eric Carle
Five little ducks
By: illustrated by Penny Ives
Hickory dickory dock
By: illustrated by Kelly Caswell


By: Yusuke Yonezu



Sesame Street. Sing it, Elmo! [DVD]
By: producers, Melissa Dino, Karen Ialacci ; directed


The terrible two get worse
By: Mac Barnett, Jory John ; illustrated by Kevin Corn
The wiener strikes back
By: by Max Brallier ; illustrated by Rachel Maguire &


Where is Alcatraz?
By: by Nico Medina ; illustrated by David Groff
Where is the Amazon?
By: by Sarah Fabiny ; illustrated by Daniel Groff and


Away in my airplane
By: written by Margaret Wise Brown ; illustrated by He
Boats float!
By: by George Ella Lyon and Benn Lyon ; illustrations
Dump truck duck
By: Megan E. Bryant ; pictures by Jo de Ruiter
Mighty truck
By: written by Chris Barton ; illustrated by Troy Cumm
My truck is stuck!
By: Kevin Lewis and Dan Kirk
Old Macdonald had a truck
By: by Steve Goetz ; illustrated by Eda Kaban
Smash! mash! crash! there goes the trash!
By: Barbara Odanaka ; illustrated by Will Hillenbrand
Stories from bug garden
By: Lisa Moser ; illustrated by Gwen Millward
Teddy the dog
By: written by Keri Boyle ; illustrated by Jonathan Sn
That's not bunny!
By: words by Chris Barton ; pictures by Colin Jack
The little school bus
By: Margery Cuyler ; illustrated by Bob Kolar
Will you be my friend?
By: Susan Lurie ; illustrated by Murray Head


Adora finds a friend
By: Shana Muldoon Zappa and Ahmet Zappa with Zelda Ros
The gold medal mess
By: David A. Kelly ; illustrated by Scott Brundage
The soccer surprise
By: David A. Kelly ; illustrated by Scott Brundage
The summer camp mystery
By: created by Gertrude Chandler Warner ; illustrated


I'm fast!
By: Kate & Jim McMullan


Truth or hair
By: Suzanne Selfors
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