Topaz by Billy Wieler Chapter 3

Drake went from class to class to have everyone talking to him, only to stop when Topaz blew smoke. Everyone watched Topaz fly Drake’s Social Studies test to the teacher. The teacher just stared at Topaz a then said thank you. Topaz then went your welcome and the whole room gasped. Topaz casually flew back to Drake and crawled into his pocket.

The teacher tried to act like nothing unusual happened. She was unsuccessful.

After Social Studies was Study Hall/Play Time. Drake asked for a ping pong ball to play with Topaz. He goes to the gym so Topaz could have some room to fly.

He throws the ball high in the air and Topaz launches after it. She catches it and dive-bombs to Drake and drops it like a bomb. Drake caught it and chucked it again. This went on for about forty-five minutes.

After school was out, Drake and Topaz went to Cryst and Nibbles’, his gerbil, house.

Drake and Cryst played video games while Topaz and Nibbles had a stare down, and then leaned forward each other. Finally they started playing with each other.

It was twilight as he left with Topaz and her new ball to go to the park and play. As it started to get dark, that same feeling from the night before appeared. Then he got all tingly again. It didn’t hurt, though. This time he could see what was going on. He was changing. Changing into the wanted humanoid dragon. He had green-blue scales, huge muscles, and from what he saw on the news, a huge set of choppers and a nice set of wings.

“This is weirder than your average weird,” Drake exclaims.

“Yep, you ‘betcha.”

Drake whirls around. There was Cryst, holding Drake’s backpack with his mouth exceeding the natural limit. He shuts his mouth.

“You better not turn me in or I’ll-“ Drake begins

“Why would I? Just to see you go into a zoo? We’re best friends,” Cryst replies.

“Help! Help!”

They turn to see a girl being stuffed into a trunk.

“Help! Helmph!” She was gagged!

Drake sprints to the direction and takes off into the air. Topaz landed on his back and grabbed a spike and hung on. He flew at least forty miles an hour. He caught up to the car, fast.

Drake lands on the hood, crushing the engine. He, for no reason at all, roars really loud. The windshield shatters.

“You can go the easy way or the hard way,” Drake tells the man. I always wanted to say that, Drake thought.

The man pulls out a gun and opens fire. Drake covers his head by instinct. The bullets just bounce off him. One hits the man in the head and he thumps to the floor.

Drake grabs the keys and unlocks the trunk when WHAM!!! He got kicked in the snout. The girl faints.

“Ow,” goes Drake, and as he slumps into the trunk he changes back into a human.

Cryst shakes Drake and the girl awake. Drake unties the girl and ungags her.

“You saved me!” she says, ”but where did the dragon guy go?”

“You’re lookin’ at him. That’s why my nose is bloody. You kicked me,” Drake tells her. “What’s your name? I’m Drake.”

“I’m Aleea. I remember kicking a dragon and then fainted. I’m sorry. I thought you were the guy that shoved me into this trunk. By the way, can I get out now?”

Drake feels his face getting hot. “Sorry. Why did you believe me right away?” he asks.

“You don’t look like a person that lies very much.” Aleea replies.

Drake turns even redder and Cryst snickers.

“But he doesn’t,” Aleea adds.

Cryst turns red.

Topaz flies over to Aleea and, of all things, shakes her hand and says, “Topaz.”

“Hi Topaz! I’m Aleea.”

“Hi Aleea!” Topaz replies.

“I’ve never seen anything cuter. Is she your pet Drake?”

“Yep. You’re the first person she went out of her way to talk to.”

“Cool. I just moved here. I was just checking out the area when that guy shoved me into the trunk. What happened to him anyway?”

“I’m bullet proof. The bullets just ricochet off. One hit him in the head,” Drake tells her. “Want me to show you all the other kids’ houses?”


“I’d better get home,” Cryst says, smiling.

It took about an hour for Drake to show Aleea the neighborhood.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow,” says Drake.

“Yeah. See you tomorrow,” replies Aleea.

“Well, see ya.”


She goes in her house and Drake and Topaz go home.