Topaz by Billy Wieler

Drake Peterson was always lonely. His school actually let students bring small pocket size pets. He was one of the few kids that didn’t have one. He was determined to make his mom see he deserved a pet. He did as many chores as he could. He took out the trash, did the dishes, vacuumed, and many other chores. When he was about to give up, his mom finally said yes. He was as happy as he could be.

Most kids have small mammals, including his best friend Cryst. Drake wanted something few kids would choose, a lizard.

So Drake went to every nearby pet store with lizards, but Drake couldn’t find one he wanted. He couldn’t believe his rotten luck.

He decided to go for a walk. He was on the brink of choosing a gerbil when he heard a weird sound. Brrup! Drake walks over to the sound. Brrup! He hears it again. He finally sees what makes the noise. “Whaaa…” says Drake.

Right in front of him was a golden winged dragon. Brrup! It gazes at him with twinkling green eyes. It was so tiny Drake couldn’t help saying, “Now aren’t you the cutest little thing!” Brrup! “I’m going to name you…” he pauses, ”Topaz.” Yerp! Yerp! Yerp! “You must really like your name.” Yerp! “Let’s go home.”

“Mom I’m home! I got my pet!” yells Drake as he shuts the door.

“Can I see it? Can I! Can I!” squeals his little sister Zoey.

“Sure, Why not,” says Drake. He shows it to her.

“Sweet! Is it a boy or a girl?” asks Zoey.

“Let me check…it’s a girl.”


“Last question.”

“What’s her name?”


Yerp! Yerp! Terpaz! Terpaz!

“Whoa, holy cow!” exclaims Drake, not believing what just happened.

“What’s all the hubbub about?” Drake’s mother asks them.

Drake and Zoey look at each other, and then at Topaz.

Terpaz! Terpaz!

“Yes I know, your name’s Topaz,” says Zoey.


“Did that weird thing just talk?!” their mom asked, bewildered.

“She’s not weird,” defends Drake,”she’s my friend!”

Drake storms up the stairwell, and ran to his room. He had forgotten to put his laundry away that morning. He heard a growling and knew Topaz wasn’t mad. He goes back downstairs and grabs an apple and a small bowl of water, and heads right back up. Drake returns to his room to see Topaz eating his only pair of socks that didn’t have a hole in them.


“AAAAAAHHH!” Drake’s bed just started on fire! He dumps the water on the bed and the fire turns to smoke. “You should’ve told me you could breathe fire!”


That time nothing started on fire.

“Here, eat this instead of my socks.” He hands Topaz the apple. She just stares at it for a few seconds, and then starts eating the socks again. “Ah, come on!”

He goes downstairs and grabs a slab of raw hamburger and puts it on a plate and jogs back upstairs.

Topaz was waiting at his door.

“Oh, so this is what you like!” Drake says.


“Well I’m glad.”

Drake started on his homework and left Topaz in peace. “Okay, done,” Drake exclaims. “Wanna go outside Topaz?” He grabs a ping pong ball and heads outside into the twilight with Topaz.

“Let’s go to the park,” Drake tells Topaz as he puts her in his pocket. He tosses the ball a couple tosses then starts to feel a little strange. It was starting to get dark out. The strange feeling went to tingly, and then it started to hurt. Then it everything went black.