Topaz by Billy Wieler Chapter 8

“So they knocked the door down, shot up the place, some bullets bounced off stuff and every criminal except one died and you stabbed the last one in self defense,” the cop asked.

“Yes,” Aleea shuddered with tears, which wasn’t hard.

“Ok, we should be going to bed now that those bodies are cleaned up,” Jen said. “These kids have school tomorrow, even after that traumatizing event. Bye now.” She shuts the door in his face. “You heard me everyone! Go to bed!”

“I’m so glad you’re okay, Drake,” Aleea says.

“All thanks to you,” he replies.

“BED,” Drake’s mom thunders.

“We’re going!” they said.

Topaz flutters over into Drake’s room with a puzzled expression. “Drake, Aleea, come into Drakes room. I have something important to say.” They walk in and shut the door. “I’ve been thinking. When Aleea told us that her mom was kidnapped, she said the thugs said where ‘it’ was. Aleea do you know your dad?” Topaz asks.

“Yeah. He’s some scientist. Why do you ask?”

That’s what I thought. Do you know what his latest invention is?”

“No. You still didn’t tell me why you asked.”

“I think they are after your dad’s invention.”

“What is so valuable you try to kill and kidnap people?”

Ding dong.

“Now who could that be?” Topaz says. They run down stairs and open the door.

“Hi!” greets Cryst. “How are — yohoho! What happened in here!”

“People shot at Drake in dragon form, and they got killed by the ricochet,” Topaz explains.

“How can you be so casual?!”

“Inside I’m screaming my tail off.”

“Doesn’t seem like it.”

“Shut up.”

“SHUT UP! BOTH OF YOU!” Drake screams. “Cryst do you want to sleep over? We’ll tell you everything in the morning if you do.”

“Fine,” he answers grumpily, “I’m sleeping in the guest room.”

“That is my room.” Aleea says.

“Couch it is.”

Drake heard a knock at his door. He got out of bed and went to the door in his Jamaica shirt and plaid pjs. Aleea walks in with her robe on and a look of uncertainty on face.

“I think I figured out what Topaz was talking about,” she says.

Drake sat up in his bed. “What is it?”

“I don’t know for sure. I think it was a suit that makes you – OH MY GOD! It was a suit that makes you pretty much invincible!”

“Damn,” swears Topaz.

“When did you wake up?” Aleea asks.

“When you yelled ‘Oh my God.’ Remember this is my room, too.”

“Sorry,” she says sheepishly.

“Well at least we know what they’re after,” says Drake.

“Well, no duh,” says Zoey, scaring the crap out everyone. “What happened to the house?”

“Where were you?” he says.

“At a birthday party. I repeat, what happened to the house.”

“What does it look like?”

“Some people shot up the place.”

“There you go,” Drake said. “Why did you come in my room in the first place?”

“I saw Aleea walk in in her robe and I got curious,” said Zoey said.

“Pig,” Topaz exclaims. “How can you even think of that?”

“Anyway,” starts Aleea, “since we’re all on the same page, we should all work together. Zoey you can check the middle school for anything about what we were just talking about, me and Drake can check out the high school, and Topaz, since you can read minds, check minds.”

“’Kay,” said Drake.

“Okedoke,” said Zoey.

“Piece of cake,” agreed Topaz.

“Night everybody,” said Zoey. She walks out of the room.

“Night Aleea. Night Drake,” says Topaz. “Night,” they both say.

“Aleea, I know you were worried, but did you mean that kiss. Friends will be worried, but they would just squeeze really hard maybe a peck, but there was emotion in that kiss, I could tell. ‘They were made for each other,’ mom said, and then you squeezed harder,” Drake says suddenly.

“What about you?” she starts. “You could have said stop.”

“So you did mean it. I thought you would deny it.”

“Better to let it out than to bottle it up, Drake.”

“Was that advice or an answer?”

“Both. We should be getting to bed. See you tomorrow morning.”

“Night.” Drake sighs. Aleea walks out of the room and Drake hears her door shut in the hall.

“You love her Drake,” Topaz tells him. “I can tell without reading your mind.”

“Is it really that obvious?”

“Just like your mom said, you two were made for each other. Just so you know, Drake, she loves you too. Night.”