Topaz By Billy Wieler Chapter 5


“I’m home!” yells Drake.

“Where were you?” Zoey questions. “Cryst said he saw you with “a hot redhead, chestnut-skin girl.” What’s her name?”

Drake turns bright pink and Topaz blurts, “Her name is Aleea!”

“You can talk even better!” says Zoey, surprised.

“Uh, yeah!” Topaz says, and then bursts out laughing.

“Well I’m glad.”

“Me too. I couldn’t get out what I wanted to say,” says Topaz, finally calming down.

“Topaz, you hungry?” Drake asked. Topaz nodded. “What do you want?”

She ponders for a couple seconds and says, “Hamburger.” So Drake grabs a slab of hamburger and puts it on a plate, which he puts of the table.

“There you go, Topaz,” says Drake. Topaz shoved her plate toward Drake’s seat so she could sit by him. Drake had some pizza and went to his room after an hour of TV. He falls asleep very quickly.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.

“Huh?” goes Drake.

Tap, tap, tap.

“I’m coming.”

He opens his door. No one.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.

He looks behind him.

Aleea was right outside his window with tears in her eyes. Drake shuts the door and sprints to the window. As soon as he opens the window, Aleea bursts in, crying. “They took her, Drake!” she sobs. “They took my mom!”

“Who took your mom?” Drake asks, not believing what he just heard.

“I don’t know, that’s the problem! They started asking for ‘it’. Drake I’m scared.”

“I’m sorry, but we can’t do any thing. We’re just kids. Let me go wake up my mom.” Topaz woke up then.

“What’s going on Aleea? Why are you crying?” she asked.

“I’ll fill you in later, Topaz. Crap, we can’t tell Mom. She will over react and every thing will be a big mess. I forgot I’m not just a kid. I’m also a dragon.”

Drake, Aleea, and Topaz ran outside. Drake morphed, Aleea and Topaz got on, and Drake took off. Drake flew to Aleea’s house. Aleea ran in and grabbed a picture of her mom. They then were on their way to the police station, but before they got there, Drake thought of something important.

“Wait a sec. What do you think would happen when we tell them that your mom has been kidnapped, besides try and find her?”

“I don’t know,” answers Aleea.

“Take you away! We have to stick together if we want to solve this. There is no choice but to tell my mom because you can’t stay at my house unless Mom knows why. It’s like you said, I’m not the kind of person that lies. If she says we have to call the cops, I’m ready to show her the other side of Drake Peterson.”

“I guess you’re right,” says Aleea.

“Mom, Mom wake up. Aleea, the girl I saved is here. Her mom got kidnapped,” Drake told her.

Drake’s mom bolted strait up and reached for the phone.

“Mom, we can’t do that. The cops will take her away. Aleea and I have to stay together in order to get her mom back.”

“What can you do? I’m sorry honey but you are just a kid,” she says.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Mom.” Drake starts to morph and his mom’s eyes get wider and wider. “I lied to you about how I saved Aleea. I was like this when that guy shot at me. I’m one hundred percent bulletproof, except for my head. A bullet ricocheted off me and hit the guy in the head.” His mom’s mouth opened then closed as Drake morphed back. “Now do you see why Aleea and I have to stick together?” Drake asked. “Can she stay here?” He closed his eyes and crossed his fingers.

His mom closes her eyes and thinks for a minute. “Fine.”

“YES!!” Drake, Aleea, and Topaz shout at the top of their lungs.

“What is going on in here?” said a sleepy voice behind them. Zoey looks at Aleea and says, “You must be Aleea. I can tell Drake likes you.” Both Aleea and Drake blush.

“Aleea’s mom just got kidnapped. Be nice to both of them,” Drake’s mom laughs weakly. “Aleea, you can have the guest bedroom. Would you like to grab your stuff?”

“Sure! Drake how much weight can you fly?” Aleea asked him.

“I don’t know two hundred twenty pounds”

“’Kay let’s go get some of my stuff. Ms. Peterson, can you give me a ride so I can help?”

“Of course!”

They started after Zoey went back to bed. Aleea and Drake’s mom got in the car and Drake and Topaz took off into the air. Topaz started having trouble keeping up with Drake. “Why do we have to fly so far?” Topaz whined. “Can’t I just ride on your back, Drake?”

“You have to build up your flight muscles. Quit your whining. See, we’re here.”


Drake rolled his eyes. They all went inside and moved most of Aleea’s belongings into the car with Drake carrying a big box that wouldn’t fit. When they got back Drake carried most of the stuff to the guest room. As soon as Aleea was unpacked, they all went to bed. They were glad that the coming morning was Saturday morning.