Topaz By Billy Wieler Chapter 6


Drake woke up to Aleea and Topaz coming in with a huge platter of food. “This is for three reasons,” Aleea told him. “One: You saved my life, though we still aren’t even. Two: You are helping me as if I am part of your family. Three: Just for the heck of it.” She smiles.

“Topaz are you-“ Drake starts.

“I already fed her.”

“Did you eat?”

“No, why?” she said, confused.

“I can’t eat it all!”

“No, it’s for you.”

“I insist!”

Her stomach growls. “Fine.”

It was so good they ate it really fast.

“So how did you sleep?” Drake asked her.

“Fine. It is a little awkward waking up at your house, though.”

“Wait. You have never had a sleepover?!” he says, surprised.

“No. Why is it such a big deal?”

“With a little sister you have to deal with sleepovers, birthday parties, and girl scouts 24/7.”

“Wow! Now I see why you were so surprised. I guess this is a no choice sleepover.”

“It’s either sleepover or get taken away.”

“Yeah.” She sighs.

“Lets go downstairs,” says Topaz. “Seeing you guys eating made me again.”

“Then let’s get you food.”

When they got downstairs Zoey was the only one up. “It’s just about ten-thirty! What were you doing last night?! Mom usually is up at six!”

“We were moving some of my stuff so I could be more comfortable. Your mom thought of it. I’m surprised you didn’t hear me making Drake breakfast. That sounds … weird saying that. I owe him, but I won’t get into details.”

“Oh, OK.”

“So are you comfortable?” Topaz asked.

“Well, yes,” Aleea replies.

Zoey pours herself a glass of milk. “I can’t believe we are standing here like Aleea staying for the weekend,” Drake says. “We have to find her mom!” Zoey sprays the milk she had been drinking all over Aleea.

“What did you just say! We have to find her mom!”

“Bingo. Her mom got kidnapped. Don’t you remember?”

“I thought it was a dream!!”

“No, this no dream,” Aleea says. “Although I wish it was.”

“So where to?” Topaz asks.

“How about downtown?” Aleea says. “It seems most likely.”

“Your mom, your way,” says Drake.

They head downtown and go to the first stereotypical warehouse.

“Hello!!” yells Topaz.

“SHHH!” shhhs Aleea. “We don’t want them to know we’re here.”

“Who’s there? Are you cops!”

“No! We’re just kids.”

“Good. What brings you kids doing here?” a wiry old man with broken glasses asks.

“I was just about to ask you the same thing,” Drake says carefully, not trying to give anything away. “Why did you ask if we were cops?”

“They’ve been kickin’ me out of every place I’ve lived in. It’s been getting annoying. Tell me why you’re here or I’ll-“

“My mom got kidnapped by some thugs,” explained Aleea. “We have to find her.”

“Oh well that changes things. What can you do though you’re just kids.”

They look at one other and Topaz blurts, “You have no idea.”

The old man jumps up and falls to the ground. “That’s not possible! Dragons aren’t real. How can that thing talk?!”

“My lips are moving and words are coming out. What do expect, telepathy?”

“Look, do you know about her mom or can we leave,” Drake says impatiently.

“I don’t know anything, yet. What I’m saying is I can be your eyes and ears in the black market. By the way I’m Earl.”

“For free?”

“For free,” Earl said.


“We better get to your house, Drake,” said Aleea. “Bye Earl.”

“Bye little lady,” Earl says.

“Bye Earl,” says both Topaz and Drake.

“Hey…” Earl starts.

“Hay is for horses,” says Topaz.

“What are you names?”

“I’m Drake,” Drake says, “this is Topaz and she’s Aleea. Bye.”

They leave the warehouse and walk around downtown. “I’m hungry,” Topaz whines.

“You’re always hungry,” Drake says. “Do you want hamburger?”


“I don’t think so.” She looks at him big round, twinkling eyes. “Don’t give me that look. I said no…” he sighs, “I give up.”


“That’s nothing to cheer about.” Aleea looks at with raised eyebrows. “She gave me Bambi Eyes.”

“Whatever,” Aleea says. They walk around some more downtown and then head for Drake and Topaz’s house.