Topaz by Billy Wieler Chapter 7


“Where have you three been?!” said Drake’s mom.  “I can’t believe you told your sister and then told her not to tell!”

“That little snitch,” Drake said.

“I know you’re also a dragon, but that doesn’t mean you can fly off whenever you want.  I should…”

“We were looking for my mom.  Please yell at drake or Topaz.  It was my idea,” Aleea say.

“No it-OUCH!”  Drake starts but get elbowed in the stomach.

Topaz By Billy Wieler Chapter 6


Drake woke up to Aleea and Topaz coming in with a huge platter of food. “This is for three reasons,” Aleea told him. “One: You saved my life, though we still aren’t even. Two: You are helping me as if I am part of your family. Three: Just for the heck of it.” She smiles.

“Topaz are you-“ Drake starts.

“I already fed her.”

“Did you eat?”

“No, why?” she said, confused.

“I can’t eat it all!”


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