Tuesday Night Movie

Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda 2 movie. Rated PG. Po, the panda, joins forces with a group of new kung-fu masters to take on an old enemy with a deadly new weapon. Voices by Jack Black, Angelina Jolie and Jackie Chan.

Date of Event: 
Jan 17 2012 - 6:30pm

Mr. Popper's Penguins

Mr. Popper's Penguins movie. Rated PG. The life of a businessman begins to change after he inherits six penguins, and as he transforms his apartment into a winter wonderland, his professional side starts to unravel. Based on the book by Richard Atwater.

Date of Event: 
Jan 3 2012 - 6:30pm


The Smurfs movie. Rated PG. When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world and into ours.

Date of Event: 
Dec 20 2011 - 6:30pm

Cars 2

Cars 2 movie. Rated G. Star race car Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater head overseas to compete in the World Grand Prix race. But the road to the championship becomes rocky as Mater gets caught up in an intriguing adventure of his own: international espionage.

Date of Event: 
Dec 6 2011 - 6:30pm


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