What's New in DVDs - December 29, 2016

31 [DVD]
By: director and writer, Rob Zombie ; producer, Rob Zo
A Christmas detour [DVD]
By: Hallmark Channel presents ; an ACTR production ; p
Broadmoor [DVD] : a history of the criminally insane
By: a Talent TV South production for Crime + Investiga
Charming Christmas [DVD]
By: Hallmark Channel ; producer, Andrea Raffaghello ;
Coming through the rye [DVD]
By: writer/director, James Steven Sadwith
Cosmos [DVD]
By: Paulo Branco prâesente ; un film de Andrzej Zulaws
Gleason [DVD]
By: Amazon Studios presents, in association with IMG F
Goksung = [DVD] The wailing
By: presented by 20th Century Fox in association with
In a valley of violence [DVD]
By: Focus World presents a Blumhouse production ; writ
It had to be you [DVD]
By: director, Sarah Gordon
Marguerite & Julien [DVD]
By: Sundance Selects and Rectangle Productions present
Marguerite [DVD]
By: Cohen Media Group and Fidâelitâe present ; a film
One more time [DVD]
By: Maybach Film Productions present in association wi
Shan he gu ren
By: Shanghai dian ying (ji tuan) you xian gong si, Bei
Sherpa [DVD]
By: Universal Pictures and Screen Australia present in
The dog lover [DVD]
By: Forrest Lucas and Protect the Harvest present ; pr
The hallow [DVD]
By: IFC Midnight and Occupant Entertainment present in