2018 Fox Cities Book Festival

Fox Cities Book Festival


1 Week. 60 Authors. 70 Events. 13 Venues. 


The 11th Annual Fox Cities Book Festival will take place over the week of October 8-14, 2018. 

Please visit the FCBF website to view a full schedule of events, author biographies, sponsorship opportunities and more! 


Events listed below will be held at the Neenah Public Library.


Monday, October 8, 2018

St. Simons and Jekyll Islands: Where the Bridge Leads Susan Amond Todd

6:30 PM at the Neenah Public Library

  • Susan will share the sights and places that inspired her first book, White Lake and the anticipated sequel, Return Home. She will also reveal some interesting history of the areas frequented by her characters. When she’s done, you too, will want to plan a trip to these islands!


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A Reading and Conversation with Author, Jim Guhl

1:30 PM at the Neenah Public Library

  • Author Jim Guhl’s new novel, Eleven Miles to Oshkosh, takes readers back to a 1970s Wisconsin where he tells the story of a teenage boy coming to age as he deals with the unsolved murder of his father.


One Day You'll Thank Me: Lessons from an Unexpected Fatherhood David McGlynn

6:30 PM at the Neenah Public Library

  • One Day You’ll Thank Me translates the small, often hilarious moments common among parents of young children, especially dads, into “life lessons” about fatherhood.


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Booked for Murder! Kathy Buchen Beson

10:00 AM at the Neenah Public Library

  • It’s a grim world out there. Perhaps you need a nice, wholesome, cozy murder mystery to lift your spirits? Modern life can be so poisonous. Spend an hour with Kathy and her amateur sleuth, Rhiannon Nolan.


Finding Humor in Hell: The Crazy Chaos of Self-Distribution John Mitchell

1:00 PM at the Neenah Public Library

  • Writer and filmmaker John Mitchell gives his humorous take on the crazy chaos of self-distribution in the film and the self-publishing world.


A Matter of Facts; The Tom Monfils Case Revisited Joan Treppa

6:30 PM at the Neenah Public Library

  • Joan Treppa, a social justice advocate for those wrongfully convicted, shares her research and insight into a tragedy that shocked a community and is considered by a growing number of supporters to be a grave injustice that is still unresolved.


Friday, October 12, 2018

Turn Your Passion Into A Picture Book – The Magic of Monarchs Linda Vander Heyden

10:00 AM at the Neenah Public Library

  • Join my protagonist, Mr. McGinty, and me as we embark on a mission to save the monarch butterflies!


Timefulness: How Thinking Like a Geologist Can Help Save the World  Marcia Bjornerud

1:00 PM at the Neenah Public Library

  • Adopting the geologic habit of seeing everything, including ourselves, as entities sculpted by time is a perceptual shift that can be transformative on the personal and societal levels.


Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Motherhood Affidavits-How to Tell Your Own Story Laura Jean Baker  

11:00 AM at the Neenah Public Library

  • Please join Laura Jean Baker, author of The Motherhood Affidavits, to learn how her braided memoir might serve as a template for your own life story. 


Stories and the Lives They Save Scott Winkler

1:30 PM at the Neenah Public Library

  • The very stories we share and receive are as essential to our survival as food, water, and shelter. They help us make sense of our world. They save our lives.


Sunday, October 14, 2018

A Conversation with Linda Castillo

1:00 PM at the Neenah Public Library

  • Come learn about Linda Castillo's background, how she broke into publishing, and some information on writing and researching her current release, A Gathering of Secrets.


The Mill Prizes

2:30 PM at the Neenah Public Library

  • The Mill: A Place for Writers announces the Sixth Annual Mill Prizes, awarding both short fiction and poetry.