What's So Hard About Hearing, Huh?

Please join Julie Olson, from Hearing Loss Association of America, on October 23rd at 6.30 pm as she good-humoredly offers valuable advice from her own experience as a person with hearing loss and from her involvement in HLAA for living and thriving with hearing loss. Nearly 20% of the population has some degree of hearing loss; while almost 100% cares about someone who has it. Yet, people hide it and deny they have it. The consequences of denial are serious as they tend to lead to social isolation, depression, and even cognitive decline.

Living an Authentic Life

Join Sarah Crawford (Sitawi Life Coaching, LLC) & Mike Shereck (Transformational Leadership Experience) for a special program “Living an Authentic Life,” Thursday, November 14th at 6:30pm at the Neenah Public Library. Authenticity is the beginning of trust and removes barriers to communication.  It opens pathways for curiosity, vulnerability and ultimately courage.

Identity Theft: Protect and Prevent

Join the Neenah Public Library for a special presentation “Identity Theft: Protect and Prevent” Thursday, Oct 3rd at 2:00pm. Identity theft continues to be the fastest growing crime in the United States. The more you learn about it, the less vulnerable you are. The Wisconsin Bureau of Consumer Protection will explain the different types of identity theft, how to recognize it and how to prevent it – including information about Fraud Alerts and Security Freezes. Receive tips for safeguarding personal information and how to spot the red flags of a scam.