Topaz by Billy Wieler Chapter 7

“Where have you three been?!” said Drake’s mom. “I can’t believe you told your sister and then told her not to tell!”

“That little snitch,” Drake said.

“I know you’re also a dragon, but that doesn’t mean you can fly off whenever you want. I should…”

“We were looking for my mom. Please yell at drake or Topaz. It was my idea,” Aleea say.

“No it-OUCH!”  Drake starts but get elbowed in the stomach.

“I WANT MY STEAK!!!!” screams Topaz, and everybody stops arguing.

“Steak?” Drake’s mom questions, puzzled.

“What! She gave me Bambi Eyes,” Drake shrugs. Topaz breathes smoke. “I’m getting it. Keep your claws on.” Drake drops a slab of sirloin steak on a plate and puts it on a plate. Topaz munches away on her steak when the telephone rings.

“Hello?” Aleea answers.

“Is this Drake’s number?”

“This is.”

“Then why are you answering Aleea?”

“How do you know my name?”

“You forgot me already!? This is Cryst!”

“Oh, sorry Cryst.”

“Why are you…”

“Come over here and we’ll tell you.”


Just down the road was a “Your Gone” moving truck. But looks can be deceiving.

“’You forgot me already!? This is Cryst!’”

“’Oh, sorry Cryst.’”

“’Why are you…’”

“’Come over here and we’ll tell you.’”


“The target has hung up. We’ll have her soon.”

“You keep your hands off of her you, you, you, OOF!” Aleea’s mom screeches. She got kicked in the stomach.

“We can do whatever we want,” said a man in a black who, to her understanding, reeked like cigar. “Get her.”

“NOOO!!” she cries.

“This is easy as pie, boys,” says one.

“How do you make pie?” says another.

“Shut up!”

Topaz perks up her ears and then smells the air and says “Bad people are coming.” She sniffs the air again. “They got guns!”

“What! Aleea, Mom, Topaz; go upstairs. I’ll deal with them.” Drake morphs and waits beside the door. CRASH!!! The door got knocked down. Drake swings his scaly fist at the first to walk into the living room. The armor clad men turn and took a step back. “Don’t any of you have manners,” Drake asks them while upper cutting one of them.

“Lock and load boys, let’s smoke this overgrown lizard.”

“It’s your funeral.”


Drake covers his head and after two grazes and ten seconds the shooting stops. “Thank God for ricochet.” SMACK!! The last thing he sees is a gun barrel before a flash of light and darkness.


Drake blinks in the light and saw Aleea shaking she was sobbing so hard with a sword on the floor with dried blood caked on it. “He was going to kill Drake,” Aleea cried. “What was I supposed to do?”

“It’s Okay Aleea. You were brave. Look, he’s up now, all thanks to you keeping him alive,” Topaz comforts.

“I was so scared.”

“You can’t have courage without fear,” Drake tells her. Aleea runs over and hugs him really hard. She then kisses him and starts to cry.

“I was so worried. I s-saw you fall so I grabbed s-some thing that would hurt, or, the scary part, k-kill him. He was going to kill you so I felt the same bloodlust like he was f-feeling. Then the fireplace poker I grabbed changed into a sword in a flash, literally. I-I stabbed him in the heart.”

“I’ve been in your situation. I was either them or us.”

Drake’s mother sat back and thinks, <They were made for each other.>

<Me too.>

Drake’s mom falls backward in her chair.

<Oops>, Topaz says. <Sorry Jen.>

“I never told you my name,” Jen said.

“Mom, I know,” Drake said.

“Drake she’s talking to me,” said Topaz. “I was what Drake needed, too.”

“How did you find out my name?!”

“I … don’t know. I just … knew it. I heard someone saying ‘They were made for each other. This girl is just what he needed’ and I had to say me too.” Aleea and drake still didn’t break their hug like they didn’t hear anything.

“Oh well,” Jen said, “anyone hungry after that huge incident?”

“Yeah!” goes Topaz.

“Yep,” says Drake.

“I guess,” Aleea says shakily.

“How about salmon?” says Drake’s mom.

“What should I do with the sword?” she asked.

“Can you change it into something smaller?”

“I don’t know. How do I do that?”

“How should I know? Try thinking of something that you would normally carry around.”

“How about a twisty pen?”


FLASH! The sword turned into a pen.

“That solves that problem.”

“What are we supposed to do with the bodies?” Topaz asks casually.

Jen, Aleea, and Drake look at each other then the living room. With the door busted down, bullet holes everywhere, and the place an overall mess, it was the perfect breaking and entering cover up.