Happyface by Stephen Emond

Happyface is a nerdy, shy, artistic high school sophomore.  When tragedy strikes his family, he is forced to move to a dumpy apartment with his mother and attend a new high school. Determined to make a fresh start,  Happyface becomes the class clown. “Yes, I’m the cool guy.  The big shot.  The one girls geek out to.  That’s me.  Happyface.”  Written in journal form, Happyface is filled with pencil-and-ink sketches, doodles and comics.  So, can Happyface keep up the act? Will his new school see him for the dork he is?

“The illustrations range from comics to more fleshed-out drawings. Just like Happyface’s writing, they can be whimsical, thoughtful, boyishly sarcastic, off-the-cuff, or achingly beautiful.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)