Fox Cities Book Festival: Bizarre History of Wisconsin with Chad Lewis

The 10th Annual Fox Cities Book Festival presents "Bizarre History of Wisconsin: Strange Stories from Our Past" with paranormal researcher, Chad Lewis. "This presentation showcases over 100 bizarre newspaper stories from Wisconsin that have not been seen in over 100 years. These unbelievable stories were not lost, they were simply hidden.

History Program-Shopping in the Neighborhood-Neenah's History of Mom and Pop Grocery Stores

Join the Neenah Historical Society as we present a program in our “Making a Hometown” series on the interesting history of “mom and pop” grocery stores throughout Neenah. Many of us still have memories of small local grocers and the penny candy we would buy on our way home from school, but you’ll be amazed to find out just how many of these small grocers were scattered throughout neighborhoods in Neenah.

History Program-The History of the Tuesday Club

Did you know that Neenah’s Tuesday Club women were discussing women’s suffrage and other important topics at their weekly meetings as early as the 1880s? In fact, this club of forward thinking Neenah women started in 1884.  As part of our “Making a Hometown” program series, the current women of the Tuesday Club will intertwine their club’s history with local and national history in this very engaging presentation.


The 14 Points at 100 Years: World War I and Woodrow Wilson's Foreign Policy Legacy with Dr. Steven Sheehan, UW-Fox Valley – When Woodrow Wilson delivered his Fourteen Points address in 1918, he not only laid out American goals for the First World War, but he also established a framework that has shaped American foreign policy for the subsequent century. 

History Program-The History of Neenah’s Presbyterian Church

The first church established in Neenah was the First Presbyterian in December of 1848. Neenah was little more than a wilderness outpost at that time. Join the Neenah Historical Society on Thursday, February 16th at 7 p.m. at the Neenah Library when Presbyterian historian, Jack Speech, presents “The History of Neenah’s Presbyterian Church.” Over the many years of its existence, the First Presbyterian Church has provided a spiritual home to countless Neenah residents.